What Our Customers Have to Say:

" Said they had to order the part. Checked locally and was able to come back the same day and complete the repair. Very good service. "

- S.B.
Chesapeake, VA



"The home warranty actually did what it said it would do and the people that you brought into my home were great!"

- M.F., Columbia, SC

"It was easy and done in a timely manner. The cost was what I was told it would be, and there were no hidden expenses."

- J.K., Coppell, TX

"Since we, myself and my wife, have had your protection in place for our home, we have upgraded our coverage and added protection to our second air-con..."

- Dennis C., Gladstone, MO

"You came through without any delay or unwarranted charges added."

- F.M., Bear, DE

"You met all of the promises made in your brochure."

- F.M., Baton Rouge, LA

"I have several RMD warranties and have had them for a while. This was the first time I called for service and so it was kind of a test. I wanted to se..."

- T.E., Kansas City, MO

"Promptly and friendly service, no attempts to avoid coverage."

- E.T., Houston, TX

"There were no surprises. Everything went just like it was outlined in the warranty."

- T.P., Chicago, IL

"It is a no-hassle product that allows the costs of repairs to be spread out over the year in the form of premiums. You are there and ready when I need..."

- L.B., Churchville, NY